What Makes Us Different?

We Have The Tools

Our 3rd generation, 18,000 sq. ft. facility was built specifically for video production. We started in 1981, and during that time, we have aquired all of the specialty equiment necessary to create fantastic video.

Video Impressions Facility

Having the equipment right there when you need it adds to creativity and efficiency

2 Studios

Both of our studios are custom designed from the ground up for video production.
From sound-absorbing, over-sized air conditioning systems, to large-radius hard cycs, these custom spaces are ideal for your production needs. Green screen with virtual sets, or traditional sets with lots of space, we've got them both!

6 Edit Suites

Our edit suites are equiped with the latest hardware and software packages to make any type of editing fast and efficient.
We have suites equipped specifically for voice over recording, multimedia creation, and of course, HD, and Ultra HD/4K editing. Fast editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, you name it, we have it!

Booms - Prompters - Dollies

As hard as everyone tries to visualize what equipment will be needed to create that perfect shot, sometimes something else is missing.
Having that 'something else' right there when and where you need it is key to efficiently creating a great produciton, and keeping the stress to a minimum!

& All The Gizmos...

The list is long, and probably unexciting, but many times, it's the little things that sovle big problems.
After over 30 years in the business, you can bet that we have aquired all of those 'little' things that will help make your production a success!

We Have The Experience

We've been doing this
for quite some time now.

We started our business right when video first became affordable for the masses, and have been envolved in every advancement including the long, complex transition into the digital age.

We can't wait to see what's next!

years in business

clients served

programs created

pots of coffee

Some Facts Behind The Numbers

Over 35 Years

Established in 1981, Video Impressions has become one of the Midwest's largest production and post production companies, renowned for its broadcast, corporate, and industrial programs.

Over 1200 Clients

What an honor it's been to work with so many interesting and exciting companies here in the Midwest! We're proud to say that many of our very first clients are still with us today.

Over 9000 Programs

When we started, video was just starting to become economically viable for the masses. Since then, it's become a major marketing, training, and communications asset for just about every company out there.

The Coffee?

OK...this is just an educated guess!
We've calculated it many ways, per day, per project, etc., and the results are all fairly close.
We're having a lot more trouble calculating the pastries however!

And Let's Face It, This Is Fun!

We've had the pleasure of working with many of the country's most ingenious and interesting companies.
Financial, Corporate, Industrial, Agricultural, you name it.

We're also 'Gadget' people as well as story-tellers!
We love the technolgy, & it keeps getting better every year!

What's not fun about that!

· Video Has Endless Uses ·
Here Are Just A Few

Let's Create Something Together!